Sue Campbell to receive another award in Kansas City

Kansas City, May 16-18, 2012

The National Health Care for the Homeless Conference and Policy Symposium

Sue Campbell will be attending this conference next week to receive a very special award.The Ellen Dailey Award is given to people who represent the best in the field of homeless advocacy, who have also been homeless. Sue has been given this award for her amazing work with the SOAR program and her incredible devotion to the homeless community in Las Cruces. This will be the second award Sue has received this year, as well as from NMCEH, and this is a feather in the cap of the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope agency and a source of great pride for the whole homeless community here at Camp Hope. To see Sue get this recognition after 14 years of dedicated service is an inspiration to fledgling homeless advocates such as myself, Matt Mercer, and James Vonbehren as we continue to learn how to manage Camp Hope together. We can only keep our spirits up and keep moving forward to work together through Camp Hope to improve the quality of life for our fellow homeless.

Thank you, NHCHC, for recognizing Sue Campbell’s

incredible contribution to Las Cruces!


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