Toni, Manager of Maurices at the Mall, called me last night

So I get a message this morning on my voice mail from Toni, the woman who is managing the new store opening of Maurices at the mall. First she apologized for calling so late, which is kind of funny because I am usually in bed by 8 or 9 pm because I get up around 5am. She then went on to explain how the day of work went with the five men we had Pastor George shuttle  there. “Matt, they were wonderful.”, she says,” we are so far ahead of schedule because those guys worked their tails off today! THEY WERE WONDERFUL! Thank you so much!”

I guess you can’t beat that! I am more than pleased that it worked out, and must extend my deepest gratitude to Toni  and Maurices for giving Camp Hope this opportunity. It means so much to all of us to be active in the Las Cruces community  and see our volunteer base growing and branching out and our campers need all the support they can get. And a good day’s work can make a big difference when they are struggling as a homeless person to find employment or even day labor.

Monday, five women from our camp will be going to work at Maurices for the day, helping to stock the store and do inventory, and I am sure that will go just as well. I am proud that our camp residents are so motivated to work through these kinds of arrangements and hope that more local businesses in the Las Cruces community catch word of how awesome they are. Kudos all!


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