Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Its been a crazy week. Mostly about food, the homeless here will definitely eat well this weekend and through the next week, and care packages and goodie bags abound for us, if I could name all the folks that dropped by the last three or four days it would be quite a list, but most want to be anonymous. The good people of Las Cruces  are a very generous lot. I didn’t get to set up the large Davis wall tents like I wanted for these guys, hit a snag with the city, but that’s all right, we’ll discuss that in January.

A cold white Christmas in New Mexico is as special as it gets. We are plenty warm and in good cheer, even though James is a little under the weather today, God bless him. Tonight at 600pm Joyce, from the food bank here on campus is cooking a dinner for us with her sister, and I helped Bea, another volunteer, make cakes and pies and cookies and such over the last three days, so we will all be totally stuffed by 800pm and probably immobile til noon tomorrow!

Lots to get in gear for this new year and I hope when the dust settles that we can get back on track focusing on our long term goals and committments with our folks here.

Many blessings to all hearts and minds,

X-mas in Las Cruces 2011

and souls and spirits this day and this new year!

Matt Mercer-Volunteer Camp-Hope