Fri. Dec 9th-Davis Tents Comes Through

Volunteering keeps you busy and on your toes and even reminds you when to slow down. Every day I am running around like a single mom with six kids in an SUV trying to talk on my Android phone to the next destination of the next appointment in a traffic jam outside of Los Angeles.

The 3 canvas wall tents we ordered from Davis tents arrived, can’t wait to get them up and start using them. Won’t house more than 20 folks but it is a good start to transition some our “residents” from smaller camping tents to a more stable structures and a warmer place to sleep. Winter is really just beginning, and I have a feeling NM is gonna get a lot more rain and snow than they are used to this year.

The internet at the HOPE is still on the fritz, kinda frustrating to be not able to dig in and get my feet planted in the Camp logistics front, but then again,  it is giving me the opportunity to spend more time with the 35 odd people that are here everyday.

Its almost a full moon, Christmas will be here before we know it.