Three more shelters on the way

I awoke in the RV, which we use daily as an office for “Camp” business, that James and slept in, hoping the tiny ceramic heater would keep us warm, since the resource room had over 25 people in it last night, to find my puppies water bowl frozen almost solid, that’s cold guys. James even slipped and fell twice last night on the way to the porta-potties, since he left his electric wheelchair plugged in and charging, we’re gonna have to get him a good cane and some chains on his wheels for the season.

Right away this morning everyone was in the groove, guys volunteering to scrape the ice off the sidewalks and salt proof them for the later freeze tonight, even . Of course, Bob Hearn bringing two huge coffee urns and donuts for everyone first thing helps a lot to get us going. And even though the internet still isn’t working, everyone seems to have something to do, even if its checking out the Hope’s first yoga classes, given by Delilah Price Eakman.  She’ll be here every Tues at 9am and 1030am through the New Year and back in March to give Amrit Yoga classes to our homeless and teach deep relaxation. I can’t wait to join in when I am not running around like a headless chicken, and she sounds like she has a great sense of humor and a lot to offer our folks.

Bob and Gary Clute (MVCOH Accountant) and I ordered  our three Davis canvas wall tents. [link: Davis Tents]. Roy and Chris Davis were awesome with us and very helpful, showing that family owned and run businesses are staple we can all appreciate. We should get the tents latest by Monday! I haven’t done this kind of shopping, ever, and enjoyed that the homeless will be able to really make the best of the money spent, a men’s tent, women’s tent, and a common space.

So now I am at my friend’s house (he’s our tipi guru *and* our blog guru) and this is allowing me to catch up on my web life I missed over the weekend. Things are really coming together, and I still have so much to get done this week in terms of organizing and maintaining our momentum and getting PR together. Getting safe Fire Chief approved heat for the new tents, how many people are registered and have done intakes with case workers, after the new year what more can we get going for our folks in the Las Cruces Community besides just a safe place to sleep? HMMMMMMMMM…

Looks good…