Manic Monday, Snowwwww!!!

Still no internet, and fax, and the phones are still screwy here, at the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope, its as crazy as it gets, but good crazy, the kind that makes you growl a little bit and giggle.

Most of the morning is just getting folks jackets gloves scarves hats blankets, in anticipation of the snow storm coming. And letting people know the resource room will be open for folks to sleep in again. There’s been about 20 odd guests each of the past nights, rolled out on mats, packed in watching movies till about 1000pm when they turn the lights out. So far not a single problem or conflict and we are all pleased.

Bob Hearn who is on the Board of Directors Of El Caldito Soup Kitchen, and who has been our “Camp Council” scribe and mentor is helping work me to work with Pamela Angell (Exec. Director MVCOH) to get a budget prospectus together. After meeting at 1000am Bob and I headed to McDonald’s to utilize their internet and find some tents to purchase to get up for x-mas that are big enough and sturdy enough to be worthy of a temporary winter shelter alternative.  We decided on Davis Canvas Tents, who we have heard about through the grapevine. We called Roy Davis who worked out for us, given our current need and what he had in stock, that he could ship us, asap,  2- 10’x12′ and 1-12’x14′  canvas wall tents with poles.

So hopefully tomorrow we can get the go-ahead and order them, then The Horse and Hound store owners have agreed to help clear the rest of the debris from our “camp” site, and then our gravel donation can be laid in to keep down the dust and mud. It will be so amazing for the homeless folks to have a real place like this if they do not have other shelter, tents that can be depended on, heated, with people they are familiar with and can get along with, especially over the Christmas and New Year.

and snow keeps falling, my puppies loved their first romp, you’d never guess they just had surgery, thank God we are here, the sidewalks are all icy already and the night is just starting, wish we could get lights out on our little x-mas tree by the tipi, gonna be a snow day tomorrow for sure…

Step by step!