Lost Blog Sun. Dec. 4, 2011: Goodmorning Grumps

After three days of sharing the resource room to sleep in, you can see a little wear on the moods of some folks. Than again, when one older guest has a nudist camp flashback, and drops trow in a roomful of people, including the ladies, you gotta chuckle. I spent the morning cleaning up the front hall to the resource room entrance, sweeping, cleaned and wiped down the men’s room, picked garbage around camp, including puppy poo.

Supposed to snow tomorrow, can feel the chill in the air. We will have to wait to get new tents up until after the storm. Just trying to make folks feel safe and comfortable here, and welcome. Hope the internet works tomorrow so I can get back online,  I think I am going through withdrawal or at least am anxious to get back to work on our project site!