Lost Blog Sat. Dec. 3, 2011: What a day!

Our guests have been well behaved and seem genuinely grateful to be able to stay overnight in the resource room. Still some folks stayed in their tents, like me last night with my pups. Woke up to Bob from Caldito bringing coffee and donuts for everyone, as usual, awesome.

My baby girls had an appointment to get neutered this morning at 10:00am, which my friend Bea gave me ride to, over at SNAP in the Palms complex. I didn’t get them back till like 300pm, was worried all day, like a daddy. Our “Safety Team”, Brent Andres and Gaile, seem to be getting it together, watching over the folks inside at night and making rounds around camp. Lorena returned, thank God, and I hope she can catch up on Monday.

Barbara Lee called and volunteered with her church group to bring coffee and donuts next Sat., and she will be heading a Peer Group that will be meeting in the resource room of the Hope on Fridays.  It is amazing how many people are coming foreward to chip in what ever they can!

Full of thanks,and definitely pooped out!