Lost Blog, Fri. Dec. 2, 2011: TGIF

So one of provisional council members took off last night to visit her kids and new boyfriend, and now I am “Mini-Lorena”, covering for her and becoming an everyman gopher, organizing volunteers to clean, manage showers, doing inventory and taking donations . And, to boot, the internet and phones are down, I guess the Hope office is upgrading, and won’t be up til next week sometime.  Hard to get some things done when your tech goes down, even when your homeless, so the blog will have to wait a couple days! Did some running around, shopping for supplies at Harbor Freight, amazing how busy it is in town post Black friday. Pamela is going to leave the resource room open for folks to sleep in over this first super cold weekend in an act of unparallelled kindness. I hope our guests appreciate how special all this is, and I’m sure they will if the snow expected starts falling.

At the end of the day my head is spinning, a minor adjustment, having people call your name every five minutes, good thing I have years of nanny(manny) experience. Sometimes I miss my old camp out at Burn’s Lake, quiet in the morning and quiet in the evening, but I then I would be missing out on helping all these good people. Plus, now, at the end of the day, I can crawl in my sleeping bag with my two puppies, Kebi and Upasha, and drift into sleep in peace, and laugh in the morning when the girls wake me with their cold noses, excited to see what we can get done this new day…