Getting it together…….

Today was a great day. We awoke to see James and “Camp Hope” on the front page of the Las Cruces Sun News, nothing but positive reporting. Later in the afternoon Samantha Manning of KFOX news stopped by and interviewed me for a few minutes as well.

We, our provisional council, had our first official meeting today, outside of the Great Conversations meetings we hold every Weds., which is open to everyone.  We got our safety council in place to deal with issues of security and procedures for handling conflicts and confrontations. We discussed more about our vision or purpose for this winter here as a collective. And we clarified each of our roles and functions as committee heads in terms of creating a more cooperative structure that is inclusive of all the diverse folks we are living and working with here, as well as suggesting we get every one more involved in the decision making. All in all a great start for us, and I think everyone is getting more confident about our purpose here.

Thanks everyone!