Romper stomper bomper boom!

When you live on the streets, you learn quickly not to take your intuition for granted. Having to manage a homeless community of folks that are all in different unacknowledged stages of growth, and on the the same ellipse of cycles of addiction can be very challenging to work through. Maintaining a strict policy on zero tolerance for drugging and boozing are hard when you throw prescription pills and bad attitudes in the mix. Forming a real boundary for the apathy and ambivalence that arise out of these confrontations are a core goal in our project leaders being able to assume a position of responsibility that can cut through the cynicism and immaturity that can put other folks in danger.

That being said, kudos to James for his outstanding performance this holiday weekend, managing a heroin issue with a guest with dubious affiliations, and a pill-popping-smoking-shooting  teenage tantrum, with humor patience and firm resolve. And thanks to the Security company and Mike the guard who introduced himself this week, who is real presence every night, for motivating us to grab the bull by the horns and keep this place safe for all!

So whether it is Hope Village or Camp Runamok, our first taste of meting out the just and right decisions for our homeless guests here will always be a long conversation, where we take the time to consider each person’s well being that we all are learning to respect and share in living together .  Thanks to all staff and volunteers for their input and support, and for just listening.

“The truth speaks all the time, you are just learning to listen.” Sokar

"if the truth hurts, maybe you should listen......"