Turkey Day Cometh

At 4:30 am today the parking lot of the Hope was full of cars waiting in the cold dark for the Casa de Peregrinos Food Bank Turkey Box Give Away. Our Great Conversations meeting was this morning as well and went very well. We’re just trying to batten down the hatches for this long holiday weekend so that we can get back into the groove come Tuesday at our first Camp Council meeting.

Our perimeter fencing went up and makes the space we are in seem more real and defined and will help with unwanted traffic through our camp. And we got our tipi up with just 4 guys! Awesome job guys, it looks great.

I wish my Athabascan wasn’t still in first grade so I could learn a blessing song to give our effort a little grounding. Perhaps George will return and honor us with this.

More new faces are trickling in and everyone seems excited to be here, and I expect that we shall get to know each other over this holiday weekend.

Have a restful holiday all!

Creative Commons image; our thanks to Ewen Roberts of San Diego, CA http://www.flickr.com/photos/donabelandewen/5257064368/

Happy Thanksgiving