Campers volunteer to put together Thanksgiving boxes

Today the Casa de Peregrinos asked our campers to volunteer to help put together Thanksgiving boxes, it’s been a tough year on all and they are feeling it too. So James and four others spent the morning for several hours assisting them-kudos guys for stepping forward, I know they appreciate it.

Our new handicapped porta-potties should be here the first week of December – thank the Lord. And I am sure all our residents will be relieved! Pamela and Bob are working on better tents and will probably have more leads after the Thanksgiving holiday.

I am now in contact with Michael Stoops, from The National Coalition for the Homeless (link), who was integral in creating the “Tent City Report – West Aoast” that our group used to approach the City Council. He has generously agreed to consult with us, which is great because he’s like a guru in the homeless social services circuit, and I am very excited. I also have been tutored by Jared in blogging. Since this is all new to me, please bear with me while I get the site going.

Wednesday, November 23rd, is our weekly Great Conversations meeting, and we have a lot to pin down before the holiday weekend. I expect to see some new faces in attendance, and think we will get it all sorted. And our tipi should be going up, now that George Three Crows and his son have showed  us how to start. Plus YouTube is always a keystroke away.

Slowly but surely…

Have a great Thanksgiving!  Peace all – from Upasha and Kebi, my new friends

Upasha and Kebi, my two ladies