Tipi Poles and Puppies

Today we sanded our tipi poles and sealed them. Tomorrow it’s going up at 2:00 pm here, and will even be blessed. And the woman who got us the tipi also gave us an antique wood-burning stove and oven. The free give-away in Pioneer Park was great with lots of good people. Everyone was very relaxed, and the food was awesome. The folks there have been so generous as to offer us their leftover goods and even come and cook for us here on Hope campus.

A man named Pat Sullivan stopped by Hope Village Las Cruces and dropped off some food and clothes, and the family Juarez came by and brought us all a hot turkey dinner this evening. Mmmmmmmm.

Yesterday, I got two Black-mouth Cur puppies, to help with morale and security. They are 6 months old, and are now named Baby and Upasha (formerly Lily and Poops). They are amazing dogs, already bonding with the Hope Village Las Cruces campers, and we have several volunteers offering to help out with getting shots, neutering and even maybe microchipping for both dogs. We’ve already received collars, leashes and food once a week. And even a doggie bed and snuggie! Isn’t that wonderful?

Thank you all Dog Ladies!


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